Posted by: Moses | March 25, 2002

Facets of White

A sliver of sun bursts
Over the stark winter horizon.
It’s brilliant fingers carve a handhold
In the seamless somber sky.
A crowd of dying lilies
Huddle close, staring at the sky,
Knowing that their short-lived season’s
Beauty comes to closure.
The snow descends;
It blankets the world. Lilies shiver
As their still small forms are gripped
By frigid fists of Death.
A swan slowly swims
This placid place of death, a beacon
As the sunrise splashes off its feathers.
Silence is sovereign here.

A beam of light refracts
Through waves on a distant beach.
It sparkles, dances, teasing the eye
Before smashing into shore.
It slashes into eyes;
A compilation of every color,
Light with no prism, unaltered, pure, intense;
The all morphed into one.
One’s gaze drifts down,
An oyster, pearl between its lips.
Its spherical perfection void a splash of stain,
Shining in the setting sun.
Agony erupts through a
Wounded foot, sliced by shards of shell.
Vision blanks, colors flood and then dissolve,
Replaced by utter brilliance.

He walked the earth,
The sinless lamb and Son of God,
He gladly laid down His mortal shell, atonement,
That we might hope, and live.
At God’s right hand He sits,
Enthroned with glory and triumph.
Someday we’ll stand and sing eternal praise
To our majestic Lord and Savior.


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