Posted by: Moses | September 12, 2002


dedicated to multiple muses
(yeah highschool… So pathetic)


If you could only meet my love,
Sweet Beauty’s avatar.

Her eyes would hold you fast, entranced,
Her gaze would snare your heart.
And thus entrapped, you would be pricked,
By Eros’ painless dart.

And thus she always leaves me, awed;
My heart at rapid pace.
But Eros’ shoves out awe to burn
Cruel longing in its place.

The mem’ries fly just out of grasp,
Sweet bits of yesterday.
Her smile appears for just a flash,
My breath is snatched away.

My heart then flees to be with her,
For there it wants to be,
I guess that there it always stays;
It loves her more than me.

I am unworthy of her love,
And yet to my elation.
My Lord has blessed me with her love,
She, zenith of Creation.

Her perfect love begins the bridge,
Between her heart and mine.
It spans the gulf from lowest caste,
To her own regal line.

Be warned before you meet my love,
Hold fast to your own heart;
For if you don’t she’ll sweep it off,
To never again depart.

For I have met, and thus am snared;
By Beauty’s avatar.


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