Posted by: Moses | August 2, 2003

Battling Silence


I stand perplexed upon a shore,
A perfect placid place.
I stoop and snatch a sparkling stone;
My mind begins to race.

It sprints to thoughts, “For what?” & “Why?”
And pleas to stay my hand.
I trip the sprinter, clench my fist;
Tense my arm and stand.

Why do I wait here, arm aloft,
Tranquility at stake?
Why threaten peace with chaos?
Why wake this sleeping lake?

I brush these thoughts aside and fling,
To on this peace impose,
The rock goes plunk, the pond explodes
With fowl its shores disclose.

Ballistic spheres rejoin their home,
Concentric rings expand,
Resplendent ripples die to calm,
Stray ducks return to land.

I stand, serene, but still with strength,
With peace to give or seize.
The pond, quiescent, sleeps once more.
My arm lies still, at ease.

Silence sweet, turns stale to stagnate,
Morbid deathlike peace.
The stillness burdens down my heart,
Sweet noise my one release.

I can’t take peace one instant more,
I snatch a stone below;
Goodbye, fair tranquil, placid pond,
My arm draws back to throw.


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