Posted by: Moses | December 4, 2003

My Fallen Angel


A cherub slipped, she struck her head,
And fell from Heaven’s edge like lead.
She plunged into our azure sky,
Half conscious wings now flailed to fly.
Her wings grew hot and burst to flame,
A ball of fire, our earth her aim.

Wings snapped off and flared beside her,
Vaporized in brilliant fire.
Slashing skies, a flaming squall,
She struck a tree which broke her fall.
The branches cracked and downward bent,
My angel fell; head-first she went.

Her halo snapped; she hit the earth,
An earthling now, but not by birth.
This fallen babe with wailing woke,
‘Twas found and raised by human folk.
But of her fall she never knew;
Her strike knocked mem’ry slightly skew.

Now you may ask me how I know
My love’s an angel trapped below.
Her normal realm, her home above,
Is heralded by her sweet love.
For all who have the smallest care,
She smiles and aids with cheerful air.

Her gentle and deferring aim
Would put the sweetest dove to shame.
Her halo shines through golden hair,
Framing her face, so sweet and fair.
Her rosy cheeks reflect her soul,
Her tender warmth and servant’s role,

Bright sparks of Heaven’s crystal dew,
Burn in eyes of sunburst blue.
But some are blind and cannot see
Thus their instruction’s up to me.
And so in rhyme I’ve set herein,
My precious angel’s origin.


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