Posted by: Moses | February 17, 2004

Tale of Cuadan

Hey whats up. I’m good. I hope Ben told you kith means friends. I knew this I just couldn’t remember it. Anyway, If you liked the poem that’s ok. If you didn’t like it that’s ok also. I made some small final adjustments tonight. I’m surprised that so many guys are asking people to Jr.-Sr. already It’s a little early for me. The early bird gets the worm though. I might ask Sam I don’t know. I fell like it would be wrong though. I was literally the caring friend when she broke up with Scott. I would feel intrusive if I asked. Her mom would say yes. Her mom likes me a lot. You know Sam wants to be a doctor in China also. There is a very slim chance I might be able to go to China this summer. I’ll have to pray about it. I would have to stay with the Chinese. I would be there at the same time as my sister’s mission team with WWTM. Anyway back to Sam. It seems that when she does like a guy she starts to dislike him more. Kinda WEIRD if you ask me. Well we’ll see what the future holds. God is in control. I’ll go ahead and post the “Tale of Cuadan.”

The Tale of Cuadan
(pronounced koo-uh-don)

Little’s been told a sorrowed tale;
A story of a boy yet young by years of men,
And now this story I unfold
Of things that are and things that needs have been.

It happened ages long ago.
The moon was young; the sun new ris’n when my tale takes place.
The grass was green; the trees still small,
But ere for long there came a sinful, evil trace.

The land was ravaged, and the light
Was lost and gone, but one man stood against the blot!
He died in battle ere he could
Behold the birth of his dear son that he knew not.

The mother died when she travailed.
Tis said the cause was not alone the pain of birth,
But news of loved one so soon dead
Did make her join her husband in the peaceful earth.

So motherless and fatherless
A boy into this world of fear and war was brought.
He had no name, no kith, no kin,
But yet he knew the price by which his life was bought.

It’s told that when the boy was found
A seer proclaimed he’d save the people of the land.
Son knowing patriarch defied
The tyrant who should die by his own destined hand.

And thus the boy was giv’n a name.
A name that told the death of tyrant! Cuadan–
For bowman would be final fate
For evil, but would bring to men a bright new dawn.

Of tyrant has been spoken much
And yet we do not know this wicked king’s dark name.
A dismal, evil name was his.
By Maglor he was known and father slayer same.

When Cuadan sixteen had seen,
He went to hunt within the wood for buck and hind.
The words of seer he would fulfill,
And to destiny his own life he would bind!

Whence in the wood, he met strange fate
The king had wandered all alone–for twas his doom.
The boy now saw his fleeting chance,
And burning fire became dark Maglor’s room.

The hunting party heard the cry,
And found their lord and king fresh dead beneath the sun.
Then they that valiant boy did kill.
The boy who for his people slew the wicked one.

The people then rejoiced straightway,
Because that Maglor now was buried in the earth,
But Cuadan they soon forgot;
Small few do know of boy who brought triumphant birth.

Now finished we a hero’s tale.
Yet please I ask you don’t forget the price he paid.
Remember heroes sung or unsung,
Because for you and your’s these heroes’ lives were laid.

Daniel J. Hindman


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