Posted by: Moses | February 18, 2004

Our Wilderness

Dedicated to Issues

I trudge life’s diverse path, and now I plod through barren lands,
My start was fleeing Egypt’s walls to Freedom’s reckless hands,
My goal is Canaan’s milk and honey, flows of freedom’s bliss,
My path now lies obscured and so I wend through wilderness.

At first I blazed an aimless path, a pilgrim, lost, alone,
But than my Lord, found me; and He, my guide, makes my way known.
He soon saw fit to bring a friend, to journey by my side.
And so we traveled hand in hand with Christ our aim and guide.

Our path now narrows down and so we’ll soon walk single-file.
Our Lord keeps onward so we must now part this little while.
Our hands withdraw; I search her eyes, and find a sparkling flow,
A spring of trust in our Lord’s path. Assured, I turn and go.

Though sad to part we walk at peace His narrow path for us.
We round a bend, we glimpse our goal, our spirits soar in chorus.
Our goal’s in site, and up ahead our path begins to broaden;
We pause, clasp hands, and start again, down paths more widely trodden.

We trudge life’s diverse path, and now we plod through barren lands,
Our start was fleeing Egypt’s walls; to our Lord’s saving hands,
Our goal of Canaan lies in sight, with flows of freedom’s bliss,
So side by side, with Christ our guide, we’ll best this wilderness.



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