Posted by: Moses | February 20, 2004


Hey ya’ll. I’m back. I like the new comment option. It’s pretty awesome. Oh a specific point to Meg. Methodism was founded by Wesley but it is not today what he intended it to be. OK back to the issues at hand. Sam is well…Sam. I don’t understand her at all. I was told today that I don’t understand women. I found this a little offensive since I have three sisters and understand them quite well. Missy told me that b/c I said Sam was not justified in being mad at Scott, but on the other hand at least she (Sam) said something worthwhile to me today. It’s a good thing my life doesn’t revolve around women b/c then I would be HOPELESS in the same way I am for Jr-Sr. Anyway, thanks for praying. I’ll post a poem maybe. Meg I’ll still pray you change your mind. Daniel I changed the poem a little bit. It’s Return Return

I see the anguish in her face;
I hear it in her voiceless speech.
She walks along a loathsome way,
Oh that her thoughts I now might reach.

What makes her look and feel this way?
Oh why the pain and agony?
Where is the smile upon her face?
–It’s lost and disappeared from me.

Her eyes now slowly fill with tears.
She hides–her face has turned away,
Then leaves and now I stand alone.
It doesn’t have to be this way.

Bring back the sunshine in your face.
I want to hear your laughter now
And please return your eyes to me.
You’re still a friend I want to know.

Daniel J. Hindman


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