Posted by: Moses | February 23, 2004


Okay, well guess what world! Daniel asked Laura out today! =) I would clarify which Daniel; but one of the Daniels would be dead if he had asked her out. j/k So yeah I’m happy, especially since it’s with the full blessing of my father. See I knew I took debate for a reason! A non argumentative presentation of goals and contentions can get you far with your parents. You know “Success” by Emily Dickinson? That is totally true; because yeah, after working for three months just to be able to ask her out… the fact that it finally is a reality means so much more to me. Plus I’m seeing a little providence because if I hadn’t grown in certain areas during the past three months our relationship wouldn’t have had a snowball’s chance in a really bad place. =) But now I think we have a good chance of developing a relationship for God’s glory; we’ll see where He takes it since it’s totally in His hands. Happy, happy; today is one of the highlights of my young life. Sorry, Daniel, I was going to tell you on the phone; but I think it makes a better post.


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