Posted by: Moses | February 24, 2004


Yo people, Hmm… since I am too tired/dumb to interpret your enigmatic clues I might call you later. Now I understand some stuff a little better… sorry I didn’t walk over to chapel or mock trial if you wanted to talk. Chapel, my mind was kinda focused on a beautiful blue eyed, blonde haired friend of mine. I can be pretty slow when I have my mind set on something else, after school I was trying to get information out of Marla; about as fruitful as milking a rock. =) No offense Marla. I’m so dumb sometimes; I wish I picked up on little things like that before three hours after the fact. Well anyway, no since living in the past. Other than my stupidity today was a great day. Anyone who wants to pray for Carissa is welcome to though; she’s having a little difficulty accepting the new order of things. I wish she could just trust me/us; like Marla. But anyway, I’d better go ’cause I’m procrastinating and I’m supposed to call Laura in like 45 minutes and I have a research paper to write before I do that… sounds like a task for a Daniel. (Right…) See ya


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