Posted by: Moses | March 1, 2004


Hi people. God is good. Life is great! Daniel is slightly sick but that doesn’t matter in light of the first too. Go Mock Trial Team! =) And go me! I got 12 points for going to the trial and writing 10 poems… =) Good stuff. And Daniel did a very good job… especially the second time. Next year we’re going to kick large.
Hmm… today me and Laura are a week old. There was a kid born at Laura’s church at like exactly the same time I asked her out. We thought that was kinda funny. It was either the same time or he’s like 5 minutes older than us. He’s a cute kid too. Hmm… I should probably post some of the 9 or ten poems I wrote saturday but they aren’t on this computer so I’ll work on that later. They were supposed to be one big poem but I decided to break it up into a bunch of “quasi-lymyrics.” Tomorrow I’m going to work on my debate case with Carissa for States… should be fun. That’s gonna take forever and a day because I know nothing a national health care system. Sounds communistic so I don’t think I like it. Oh well; congrats to Daniel on his date to Junior Senior. And I hope he threw up with finesse. =) See you guys later; God bless. (And I hope Moses shows up instead of Daniel now… maybe that way we won’t confuse my angel so much)


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