Posted by: Moses | March 4, 2004


snippets of laura

Looking Up

At the moment we met, I was graced by her smile,
And from then on, I lived for its beaming.
Now I treasure the times,
When my words light her eyes,
Like when learning resplendent’s sweet meaning.

Random Dynamics

O I love the sweet song of her voice on the phone,
It’s a melody second to none,
And crescendos of mirth,
Of a humoring birth,
Give us joy, spurring other dumb puns.

Appoved Group Activities

Than the cute way she promised, that she was okay,
So we skated and tried to believe her,
But my worries were formed,
‘Cause her hands were so warm.
She went out sick six days with a fever.

The Wavelength

O the cute little grin, and the light of relief
In her eyes and my heart that make plain,
That we both understand,
The discussion at hand,
Even though neither one can explain.

The Two Person Couch

And the strange awkward times, accidental of course;
Like when friends on our couch topple, sleeping,
And the friends, quite unconscious,
Still squish and sprawl on us,
Do we wake them? Or give up on breathing?

Noses Can Do That?

Then when joining our praise with a loud, loving awe,
For a Shepherd adored by His sheep.
We get lost in our song,
And don’t breathe for too long;
So the song ends with my nose asleep.

The Ungentlemanly Act

She shoved cake in my face. So I smiled with a sigh;
Of my plotting I let on no trace;
So a priceless surprise,
Later lit in her eyes
When I shoved some cake back in her face.



  1. that was a very funny moment. =)

  2. Yes it was! =) Sorry I was organizing some of my old poetry on my computer and couldn’t resist that one.

  3. tis alright.

  4. That wasn’t really an apology… =) Just an explanation.

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