Posted by: Moses | March 29, 2004


Why do people laugh at those who don’t pronounce quite right?
They think you’re from some foreign place; or maybe not so bright.
But regardless of pronunciation; yellow is still yellow,
So why do you all laugh when I lay back upon a pillow.

You understood me well enough, but you laugh anyway,
You know exactly what I meant, but ask me to resay.
You laugh and roll upon the floor, good cow, enough already,
You nearly die when all I asked was, “Why don’t we go study?

You ask me if I hear the change, in vowels I just can’t hear;
You say that swa and long E’s change? I’m going deaf I fear!
And so you fall upon the floor, you spasm, laugh, and pant,
As I, confused, ask, “What’s so funny? That’s really where I went!

Well you can laugh and have your fun, but soon you will regret it!
‘Cause folks like me are on a quest: kill English as we know it!
The day when grunts will say “hello,” is what we’re bringing soon,
This language that you hold so dear, is what we strive to ruin.

(Just for fun. This is one of my favorites)



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