Posted by: Moses | August 8, 2004


Indescribable, You are our creator.
You’re the One, the Holy, the Mighty Defender;
Your world bursts with strokes of Your splendor,
But with only brushstrokes,
How can we fathom the Painter?

You are boundless; You are awesome;
But what’s awesome that’s not from your mind?
What compares that’s unmade, unsustained?
And so by the finite, you can’t be defined,
The maker of all, can’t be captured with speech,
Unfettered by words, Your glory shines.

You’re Almighty; You’re Redeemer;
You’re this world’s only hope of salvation.
All Your world was shaped for Your Glory;
You alone sustain this wondrous creation.
You are our All, You are the reason we are.
All we bring is our exaltation.

You’re my refuge; You are my joy;
You’re my God and my only delight!
Yet even true joy flows forth from You,
As all good things from the father of light.
I will delight in You, I will glorify!
Praising your always sustaining might.

Indescribable, You are our sustainer.
You’re the One, the Holy, our Priestly Defender;
Your world bursts with strokes of Your splendor,
You’ve shown us your brushstrokes;
Show us your glory, Lord Painter!



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