Posted by: Moses | August 24, 2004

Cried Crucify

Farewells are cooed to peaceful Night,
The resting doves’ sweet lullabies.
An uproar starts as skies ignite,
The dove’s soft chorus, startled, dies,
Then bursts to startled, frenzied flight.

Now mounting waves of curses soar,
To splash on Pilate’s balconies.
Our Lord is shoved in view; they roar.
He stumbles, falls, on weary knees,
Then struggles to his feet once more.

And there he stands, abused and worn,
Before this raging, writhing horde.
The waves turned booming surf of scorn,
To join the clothes that mocked our Lord,
The lashes, robes, and crowning thorns.

But sin’s sad silent, hopeless cry,
Drowned out this deaf’ning, raucous fray.
My sins cried out that He must die,
Far louder than the mob that day.
My voice cried out the loudest, “Crucify!”



  1. Sorry bout that… I accidentally deleted this post. Lost your comments but it wasn’t on purpose.

  2. Hey, you fixed it. That’s good to know. I was beginning to wonder if you had ever gotten that email.


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