Posted by: Moses | September 14, 2004


I kneel down in that moment,
As remorse strikes sin-wrought lies.
I pray; I rise and fight,
But the rebel within me defies;
So the war rages in me,
And I fall to my knees and I cry…

Humbled, I call out to You!
I fight my sin but I’m losing.
Mighty Lord, I can’t do this.
Holy King of everything,
O Lord draw me, a sinner,
Enfold my weak soul, let me sing…

You breathe out strength and courage;
I rest in my strong tower.
Though revived, the war’s not won;
Lord I need you more each hour.
I’m defenseless on my own;
Come, Lord, lift me to stand in Your power!



  1. yay!!!!!!!!!! i can comment! 🙂 except for the fack that the comment button is in what looks like German, all is good. . . lol… probably the template. anywho.
    i really like this piece of work. it was a real encouragement to me when i read it because of some of the things i’m struggling with right now. the thoughts are well organized. i’ll probably say more later. a little tired now. thanks for the helping/letting me study. 🙂 love you, bro. grace

  2. Little late to be commenting don’t you think? 3:30 is late even for you hon. =)

  3. well. . . time on yours says 3:38 on Dec. 4. . . that’s about 4 hours from now. 🙂 (it’s 12:06)


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