Posted by: Moses | December 24, 2005

Christmas Time

Just a logistical update. I’m down in Florida, soon to be up in Ohio. I won’t be back in Greenville till the 3rd or so I think. Hence, I may not pick up my phone since I’m roaming. If you don’t know, my rule of thumb is if you call thrice… I’ll pick up assuming it’s an emergency/you really need something or other. God bless all, talk to Leah! We were thinking about sending Jeremiah a gift for Christmas. She’s gonna pick up my lack of presence down there and try to get it orchestrated. Be nice to her. =) See ya, God bless. Pray for me, that I can be a minister of grace down here where if I said “I believe in reformed theology.” I would be queried, “Well what theology did you reform?” =)



  1. I miss you! =) much love from greenville to you. =) I really do pray that you can be a minister of grace there. pray that I can be the same here. =) wish I was there!

  2. I miss you too. I wish I could share Christmas with you, but it seems that I’m always gone. Enjoy the celebration, it’s not about us to begin with. =)

  3. I miss you too, Laura!


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