Posted by: Moses | December 25, 2005

Ahh Christmas, and Rebuking Blessings

I shant say anything negative about our very culturalized holiday. I really do kinda like it; and ya know, I think the Lord has used my girlfriend to get me thinking that it doesn’t have to be all bad and materialistic… even if most of it is.

I was humbled today. I’d just like to take a minute here and praise God for that. I took a speed reading course this semester; I still don’t read incredibly fast, but about double what I used to. That’s plenty of achievment for me to have a regular bastion of pride established. I have a stack of at least ten reasonably sized books that I wanted to read over the break, I was making headway, already had one finished and then I hit “The Mortification of Sin” by Owen. (Excellent book by the way, I would highly recommend it) But oh how frustrated I was getting with it. It’s only maybe 150 pages long, but it’ll probably end up taking me over five hours to read. It’s not written in incredibly archaic English, but just enough that I really have to slow down to understand what he is saying. I had to choke on my own little fortress of pride, to stoop and glean from a “foreign language.” Now that may not seem like a whole bunch, but the Spirit tends to take little things like that and make them into big deals. He takes small stones and vanquishes giants. As pride is slain on the alter of my own inadequacies, I am enabled to focus more on my savior’s adequacies. Even if I can’t read a book as fast as I would like (at its root, being ungrateful for what God has given me at the moment, and even deeper striving to be more like God than He has ordained) I can still glean; I can still sit at the feat of an older, wiser man of God and have the Spirit place my Spirit in its proper, dependent posture.



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