Posted by: Moses | January 21, 2006

The Gauntlet

Martin Luther was only a man, called by God. He was used in a mighty way to split the church from open heresy and pull out a remnant of believers. But how have we perpetuated his legacy! What a glorious legacy! What glorious division over petty doctrine! What grandiose separation over flimsy systematic conclusions! Oh, Martin Luther would be proud of our “separation from them.” The Bible he fought for is used now as a sword to divide. I can only imagine how his Father smiles upon us.

I am sick and tired of our in-bred reformed hypocrisy. We look around, and we accuse the separatists of propegating false-doctrine as we sit and judge them from afar. They react against the world and end up falling on tradition instead of the Bible, but in turn we react and end up cursing our brethren? Where is our unity? Where is our loving rebuke? Where is our response to false-doctrine, praying them back into the fold? Where?

We have taken a mighty work of God, and trampled it under foot. We have become unwise, judging amongst ourselves and against ourselves. We declare one a heretic and another orthodox soley to advance our own selfish whims. Too long have we been divided over petty truths. Too long have we neglected unity. If we really believe the Bubble is wrong, then where is our plan to reach it? We have heard the call; we critique their doctrine every day; so why don’t we answer it? Why don’t we pick up the guantlet of false teaching that they have thrown down and cast our own beside it? Where is the joust for unity to oppose the champions of separation? We have lain silent and impassive for far too long; for hundreds of years we have watched Christianity dissolve into competing factions, vying for position and territory like animals. It’s high time for a violent struggle for unification.

I am only a man, perhaps not even that, but I am called by God. He is my strength, and He powerfully works within me. Doctrine should bring unity, not division. Doctrine should bring rejoicing, not disgust. God’s truth should be our rallying cry, not our schism! For God’s sake can no one see what Christianity has become? We have become the Pharisees, Scribes, and Saducees, not only in their legalism, but far worse, in their petty rivalry! We split over whether or not there is a bodily resurrection? Lord open our eyes! Are we Christ’s body that consumes itself, an eye that wages war against a hand, all in the name of Christ our head? I will have no more part in it. If God illuminates a brother’s eyes to see His beauty and to glory in His Sovereignty; then He is my friend. But if God illuminates His eyes to see His need for Christ, to see His dependence on Christ’s sacrifice as the only way that a sinner can enjoy a Holy God for all eternity, and if he lives that out in dependence, then he is my beloved brother. Whether Arminian or Calvinist, he is a joint-heir with Christ, and a brother to me.

I will fight for my family. On my own my passion will wane. God designed us as a unit, and we don’t work well flying solo. I want to act. If I come out of chapel and I am seathing; don’t let me bash whoever spoke. Help me think of a way to counter. Help me think of a way to spread the truth. Help me craft a letter or schedule an interview. Help me to release vengeance back to God, help me to pray my “enemy” back to a joyful unity. Help me to go to him, in some form, privately, so that perhaps I could win back a brother. And if he refuses, then come with me to bear witness to error and rebuke. Rebuke me; spur me on. We are children, but we are God’s children. We cannot afford to just sit back and take it any longer. There’s a huge prodigal section of Christianity that’s just sitting at our door-step. Most have given it up for lost. I want to do something about it. By God’s grace, I would rather lay broken and dying across a united biblical faith, then stand strong and victorious over a faction of Christianity.



  1. That’s why I’m viewing this as an opportunity with Jillian, Galen, Josh, and whoever else. Obviously, I’m the person posting on their sites as “fellow student.” If you want support in a meeting or in a letter then I’m in. My idea though, at least for now, is that we get a flood of people to all write letters at once. Imagine it! All in one day a mailbox being flooded with letters! Or perhaps, a schedule being filled for days with meetings with students. That would be awesome. That would be worth something. To show that we are so motivated by the truth as to risk something for it, our reputations.


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