Posted by: Moses | January 24, 2006


Dr. Casillas was a blessing today. No man is perfect, but if nothing else he has a reverence for God’s Word that kindled a sense of comradarie in my soul. He actually read large portions of Scripture, that was great. 🙂

It kinda bothered me though, in the “it made me sad” kinda way, that we’re not the only ones who bash chapel. I was standing in the line for the Dining Common and half the conversations I was hearing around me were making fun of Dr. Casillas for being “the most boring preacher ever.” Even if he’s wrong… how on earth can someone actually reading through a large portion of scripture be boring?!? Maybe he’s not the most fluid and attention grabbing speaker in the world, but neither was Mr. Blackwell and I still loved history my sophomore year. I was captivated by the subject.



  1. yeah, i heard that, too. i had a really hard time paying attention. . . you know. . . tired and distracted due to my brain. . . 🙂 today would have been a good day to have us “stand for the reading of God’s word.” i think i would have payed better attention. i wonder if he’s speaking again tomorrow. . .

  2. 🙂 Didn’t mean to assault you. I think physical fatigue is a little different than the back-biting indifference that discouraged me, and that I’m trying to avoid.

  3. assault me? 🙂 i don’t remember feelilng assualted. i paid attention today as best i could (apparently less tired. . . ). and that’s one of those things that is a work in progress for me. . . it has been lingering on the back of my mind ocassionally creeping out, but i guess i should make it an active battle to have a reason for some of the things i say.

  4. I’ll be honest. I had a hard time focusing on what Dr. Casillas was saying. All I remember is turning the pages in my Bible a lot more than normal. That, in and of itself, probably lends more credence to the guy’s message because it was more of God, less of him. I was, after all, sick. However, this does not keep me from culpability.


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