Posted by: Moses | February 1, 2006

Unifying Schisms

Biblical unity is only enjoyed through Jesus Christ, as He is plainly described in the Bible; when an individual rejects this means, then and only then is unity shattered. Up until that point every effort should be employed to love the weaker and respect the stronger. Such love showers praise on God as the foundation of our unity, irrespective of minor divisive issues; it testifies to the magnificence of the foundation that we refuse to forsake unless it is obliterated.



  1. I would say you should listen to the sermons that Ferguson gave at the Bethlehem Conference for Pastors. You should have them on your computer. Just do a spotlight on BCP 2003. Or you could just search on Ferguson. There’s three of them and it’s pretty cool what he does with the pastoral epistles to show what doctrine is essential for leadership and what is not. I’ve only listen to about the first 2, and there’s another one to go.


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