Posted by: Moses | February 9, 2006

Prime Passion

When all my strength is just faith’s fading coal,
I wander to the earthen hearth, alone.
Forsaking warmth and fellowship within,
I seek to gain from lifeless stone
The dying heat that once enflamed my soul.

In pride, I hope that I might heat the hearth,
But unperturbed it steals my life away.
Once cold, I recognize my futile goal.
I turn to me to keep the cold at bay,
While pride enflames and only chills my heart.

Around my stony coal, cupped hands are formed;
Your Spirit blows and heat erupts again.
You place me back within my tended home,
White-hot, sustained, and basking in my kin;
While by our blazing union, hearths are warmed.



  1. btw, i really like this poem.

  2. i miss you

  3. wait. . . what was the original title?

  4. The same thing, only in Spanish, I decided to be consistent. I corrected some of my bad grammar as well from a while back. =)


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