Posted by: Moses | December 15, 2006

Rather bedraggled, I still live

Well, one more semester down. It was a doozy guys. Truth will be told tomorrow when the reports are sent out.

Life never stops; I’ve finally finished a grueling semester, and suddenly I have a plethora of projects sitting on my desktop: stickies demanding attention. I want to take half of them, ball them up and chuck them out a window. Of course that would be very difficult to do, and probably unhealthy for Karis. Pixels don’t carry the same satisfaction as say, a brick. Plus Windows always sucks.

Oh to breathe, to just have days to think and write and love God’s world. To be at peace again, sure of what I want to do. To not have different relationships warring for attention. To have time to think. Luxuries. Life has a habit of driving them far, far away. O for a stronger faith, one to rejoice irrespective of these discontentments.

I’m a very independent creature, and so God chides me to realize that I’m not. I’m just self-deluded, animated, dirt. I’m just his dirty little child.


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