Posted by: Moses | December 16, 2006

A Square Peg sorta Day

Well, I suppose I should post about this. Mrs. Wood asked me to help her out with the Concert yesterday, so I got to drive around and serve a bunch of fun people: Sandra McCracken, Jill Philips, Derek Webb, and Andrew Peterson, and many more but those are probably the guys you might know.

Thoughts on the day:
Andrew Peterson has an aura of peace about him. He seemed very humble, definitely not trying to show up the other artists even though he was sorta the main attraction. The Lord has wrought a unique humility in him.
Jill Phillips and her husband Andy were probably my favorites for the day. They both had a sweet, gentle spirit about them, humble I suppose but something more than that. They were happy too, but a quiet sort of happy.
Garret was a close second, he’s the drummer and just seemed like a lot of fun.
Gabe was cool and definitely played the most unique instruments, dobril to dulcimer to guitar. If you ever read this, thanks for the CD and your patience.
Derek Webb is cool, but way shorter than I thought. He’s very opinionated about music; I tried to be nice.
Sandra McCracken Webb was kinda quiet, I don’t think she said much in the car, just a little bit about the Square Peg song-writers.

Anyway, everyone else was cool too but those are the ones who stuck out to me.



  1. he he he.. you were amazing. you were my favorite!

  2. I liked Andrew. I ate supper at the same table as him. He doesn’t understand BJ at all, but I wouldn’t expect him to, and I don’t understand BJ either. Anyway, I thought he was a pretty good guy. I really enjoyed the concert, especially the song about the piggy who had roast beef. That one deserves a Grammy.

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