Posted by: Moses | January 1, 2007

The Testimony of Baptism

I am a very proud and analytical man. And so God has graciously allowed me neither an initiating decision nor intellectual reasons for me to gather pride and confidence around my justification. I was drawn; that is all.

I professed faith in Christ when I was seven. However, as best I can tell my motives were a) a cake for new converts and b) the fact that my older brother had just gotten saved. My parents trained me very well, and I gathered a rather copious body of Scriptural knowledge and a primarily genteel demeanor. Unfortunately my heart only twisted these gifts, perverting them into fodder to feed my ever-growing Spiritual pride.

In perfect timing, my selfish will met its match, the grace of God. It was not much of a contest. My beautiful girlfriend, Laura, invited me to Perspectives at NHCC. The first night I came, the speaker spoke about the supremacy of the glory of God. When the Spirit opens eyes to see the wretchedness of sin, and then puts the glorious perfection of God juxtaposed beside it: like a bug to a bug-zapper, I was inexorably drawn to God’s beauty. Carnal lusts incinerating in the glory of His love, I was toast.

I made no particular decision, and I had no analysis to validate what took place in my heart. But right there in the middle of that auditorium, the Lord ignited in me a passion, a desire and a genuine love for God. He re-birthed me, and I wanted nothing else but to get to know him, to love his Bride, and to proclaim His worth.

And so here I stand, three years later. Christ, against my natural will, has wrought a dependent faith within me. And so I declare to you my faith in Christ as my Lord. Christ nailed my record of sins to His cross, my pride, my lust, my rebellion, all of it. He has put the Sin that ruled my heart to open shame, triumphing over it by His blood on the cross.

I am a very proud and analytical man, but God loved me. His grace has slain my sin. My prideful analysis is being purged. He has raised me by faith alone to live a life that He prepared. And the same power that raised Christ will raise me to Glory, only for His glory.



  1. It was a joy to read your testimony. I especially liked the thought of pridefulness being purged. What a blessing to experience God’s gracious purging of our deeply embedded sins.

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