Posted by: Moses | February 7, 2007

Hysterical Hermeneutics

I just have to say, that Dr. Cook is amazingly, unintentionally funny.

Exhibit A)
Dr. Cook: “Is it wrong to turn a stone into bread? Well…”
Bzzzzzzzzzz “What is that?”
Student: “A blower.”
Dr. Cook: “Somebody go throw a stone at him.”

Exhibit B)
Dr. Cook: “I like this guy Erasmus, ‘When I have a little money, I buy books. When I have a little bit of money left over, I buy food.’ Yes, I agree, so keep your textbooks!”

Exhibit C)
Dr. Cook: “Does anyone have any questions about the project? How ’bout the answer to number 1? *intending to be sarcastic*
Student with raised hand: “It’s B, Dr. Cook”
Dr. Cook: “What? Oh, I didn’t mean…”

Exhibit D)
Dr. Cook: *Completely out of nowhere* “Don’t put books on a table and put lamps on them. That’s what my wife does. They’re just not… accessible.”

Exhibit D.1)
The next day he put up a picture of his office on the projector, which illustrated the bookage underneath a lamp. He proceded to confess, under duress from his wife, that he had put those books there because they were too big to stand upright on his shelves. Furthermore, there was a little one on top of the big one that seemed like it would have fit on his shelf just fine. The explanation: “Well, it just didn’t look right with the one book under the lamp.”



  1. If this is Dr. Brenton Cook, please tell him that your big sister says, hi. I always did love his presentations. They made me laugh, but I always learned something. Enjoy him. I’m sure he’ll make new teacher mistakes, but he is a really smart godly guy. What’s he teaching you?

  2. Yep, his name is Brenton Cook, but I don’t think he’s a new teacher… he refers back to other classes. I have him for Hermeneutics and I do like him, but this is not mutually exlusive with his funniness. =)

  3. Ya think I should put some Laurelisms up? =)

  4. YES! Laurelisms!

  5. Yep, that’s him. He just got his doctorate last Spring. He is a relatively new teacher. I am sure that he taught last semester and maybe last Summer, but that would be it. He’s much fun. Do enjoy. He sat by mother in chapel one semester. He made her laugh too.

  6. If you put up any of my sayings, put them up as Ms. Nickersonisms. Maybe no one will make the connection to my new life. ; )

  7. You forgot the best part about putting books underneath the lamps. You have to add in what he told us on Thursday about who really put the books underneath the lamps.

  8. hahaha… these make me laugh. they remind me of Mr. Craft a little. I need to put up some of his quotes…

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