Posted by: Moses | February 21, 2007


All right, when man first sinned, Satan tempted Eve with the thought that she would “be like God.” Apparently this was sin and rather problematic because God lists it as the reason for why mankind was barred from Eden in vv. 22-24.

But, conformity to the “likeness of Christ” is a prevalent admonition throughout the New Testament. So, then it was sin, and now it is the goal? I have a few thoughts on the matter, but they’re half-baked so I thought I would just throw out the seeming contradiction and see if anyone wanted to comment.



  1. Both the prohibition and the admonition were commands. Both demand obedience and it wasn’t just Eve.

  2. Okay, I’m confused. I realize they are both commands; that’s kind of the point. What is the specific distinction that makes the one sin, and the other mankind’s desirable end?

  3. Before the fall, they were Christ-like. They walked in perfect obedience to God. After they disobeyed the one and only rule they were given, they were no longer Christ-like. To become Christ-like again is the goal. There is a very big difference between striving for Christ-likeness and striving to be like/ or identical to God. One is imitative, the other is treasonous.

  4. She wanted to be like God without going through Him.

    Alternate thought on the fruit: I’m not so sure it is because she wanted to necessarily become a goddess per se, but that all of a sudden, she believed that God was keeping something from her. She was tempted to be dissatisfied in Him, and was looking to the fruit, not God, to fulfill that satisfaction. As soon as she took a bite, she gave into that temptation.

    Imagine, thinking satisfaction can come from a silly fruit rather than an all-knowing, all-loving God?

    Oh wait. A verse is coming to mind: “Let he who is without sin . . .”


  5. Eve doubted God. From there it’s always downhill… and yes I totally agree, her fundamental motivation in eating the fruit was a perceived dissatisfaction with God. And yeah, we definitely shouldn’t sit back and judge Eve thinking that somehow we would have done differently. I sure would not have; there is nothing my flesh wants more then to be a moral, self-satisfying, free-agent.

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