Posted by: molly | June 19, 2008

Declaring His Wonders

I wasn’t planning on anything today at work.  I wanted another uneventful day (as a lifeguard, the more boring the better) living in my own thoughts.  I should learn some day that my plans, though they may not be bad, are often interrupted by an even better purpose.

The other lifeguard today came in and told me “only 5 more hours.”  Great outlook on the day I was thinking.  So, we began discussing the ways to make time pass faster.    And so began a conversation with someone I’ve worked with several times and never said more than 20 words to in a whole day.  We talked about interests and dislikes.  I told him about my boyfriend and his desire to be a pastor.  Enter the “religion question”

“So, if you are dating him, are you like a really religious person?”

I winced at the term religion but we were going somewhere.  So we talked about “religion.”  Perhaps I was one of the first people he has known who really talks about this sort of thing.  He told me “I guess I’m Catholic because my parents are Catholic and I go to church and I got baptized and stuff.”  His questions were real.  “How can God condemn a little Buddhist girl who dies without hearing about Christianity?” and “Aren’t there good people who should just pay for some of their sins in purgatory?” and “What about these bad people who do good things?”  I was able to share that truth.  That no one if good but that their very essence is marred by sin.  We cannot do any good until we do it in Christ.  And we can only come to Christ by faith alone.  Not sight.  Not works.  Not anything.  And when I don’t understand things about God I know that he is sovereign.  And I know that he is good.  The other lifeguard agreed with me on some points.  He remained silent on others.  And yet, today he was confronted with the very thoughts that he confesses that he so often pushes to the side.  Today he was confronted with realizing that he cannot simply ignore God.

And my heart felt joy in my sovereign God.  Today was freeing.  My God is sovereign.  He draws his children to himself.  I am merely the messenger of this great truth.  I’ve shared my faith–the Gospel–with other people before.  I’ve done it out of peer pressure, out of guilt, even out of fear that by me not sharing I am personally condemning someone to hell.  Witnessing meant bringing someone to a point of decision and trying to convince them to choose Christ.

Now I know that I am not the one who has to bring someone to the point of salvation. I didn’t preach today because of guilt or fear of God’s displeasure.  Today I was able to share the truth that wells up inside of me.  The truth that betrays my timid heart.  That cannot help but share.

I watered a seed in the heart of a young man who wants to know what he cannot know on his own.  I shared today my “religion” because I know the truth.  I know the very God and  I cannot help but to declare his wonders.



  1. We’re watching a Sovereign Grace series up here called “Proclaim: Joining in the Unstoppable Gospel.” One of the major emphases so far is that scattering the seed is successful evangelism. We don’t save anyone; we present God’s word: plant or water, but God gives the growth. I love you. Thank you for sharing.

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