Posted by: Moses | June 21, 2008

Tasting Dependence

I’ve been learning this past week about the power of prayer. I’d never quite gotten the “lead us not into temptation” line of the Lords prayer, but last week my life was specifically blessed by God through that thought process of prayer. God graciously directed my thoughts toward righteousness. It was miraculous for a sinner like me to experience such otherworldly bliss. As my schedule picked up around here last week, we started waking up later and sandwiching Bible reading before flying off to the office.

The difference between the two weeks was like night and day.

Last week I set aside time to specifically express my dependence upon God every morning, to specifically express that without God’s power I was impotent to fight sin. This put my mind in a Godward framework, relying on and walking in the spirit, filtering life through God’s perspective. The Word came alive to transform my life as I beheld Christ. A life dependent on the word, overflowed last week. A self-centered, independent attempt to get by this week. And when we try to live on our own–independent of God–we die. God is so good to us. Lord teach me to slow down, to discipline myself to live in dependence on your grace. Skipping ten minutes of prayer in the morning gains me nothing; on my own, my time is worthlessly spent on perishing me. Lord, use your gracious gift of prayer to teach my soul to respond dependently and worshipfully to life.


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