Posted by: Moses | June 23, 2008


Molly Sonnet I

Love wells up from my soul, ever pouring out
With desire and care, longing to immerse you forevermore,
But having been cut off, my love has nowhere to flow without
You. A wall of distance dams my affections to fill like a reservoir.
Pressure builds against the wall of separation, pressing
To destroy our hindrance. But unlike water—its cosmic counterpart—
My eternal love cannot dissipate; it must remain, ever building.
No ground can sop, nor air affect, the strain on my swelling heart.
It persists, rising until the dam binding my love must break
Or overflow. But you cannot see this indomitable internal
Lake; when tempted to doubt or feel forgotten, drought fakes
To have fallen, but it is not so. No dam is eternal.
Hope my love! Eternal love cannot be lost, only stored,
Ever growing, to be loosed as a mighty torrent upon my Adored.


  1. thank you my love. It is beautiful.

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