Posted by: Moses | July 2, 2008

Childish Worship

I was given a beautiful picture of the dependence and wonder of expressive worship through Piper–a five year old friend of mine–last week. I was kneeling down talking with her, and out of the blue she reached up her arms to the height of my shoulders and didn’t quite reach. She leaped up around my neck with selfless, expressive love, gentle and yet powerfully passionate as only a five year old young lady can accomplish.

As she did this the Lord put a beautiful parallel into my mind of our expression of dependence as we lift our hands to him in worship. We are like a child with no intrinsic height or ability to truly embrace our Father. All we can do is look up expectantly like a child with our arms outstretched to our mighty Father, longing for His embrace and presence, trusting in His strength and ability to lift us up in our weakness. We bank on His goodness and Cross-bought justice to meet us in our weakness. Our physical expression is dependent on His power as we leap up with arms outstretched to Him. We don’t expect to leap to Him, but rather for Him to reach down to our powerless exuberance and meet us in His Glory and strength, scooping us up as his beloved adopted children.

With this thought, I embraced little Piper and stood up, lifting her higher than she ever could have on her own. I spun her around and she smiled at me, enjoying her dependence on my strength to support her child-like affection. I sat her back down on the floor, and she ran off having quite finished welcoming me as a new friend. But she left me with a new and vibrant picture of my expression in worship to my Heavenly Father. I’ve never worshiped through a hug quite like that before. May our faith be strengthened by our child-like weakness and need of our Father.


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