Posted by: Moses | July 5, 2008

Conductivity (1 John 4)

“If anyone says ‘I love God,’ and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.”

I John teaches essentialism. Lovers love. Haters hate. What we are produces what we do. If something has essential properties, it always has them unless it transmutes into something else. Long ago, the labor pangs of science birthed alchemy whose chief end was to turn base metals like lead into precious metals like gold. Five hundred years later we know that such transmutation is actually possible and even quite common. For instance, Polonium-210 naturally decays half of its matter into lead-210 in approximately 138 days. As long as it is polonium, it will act like radioactive polonium. However, once it decays into Lead-210 it will no longer be radioactive and its volatile properties will be exchanged for stability.

As redeemed sinners we are like an alchemist’s dream, lead transmuted into gold. As lead, we had all the properties of lead; now as gold we have all the properties of gold. One distinction between lead and gold is conductivity. It doesn’t matter whether you plug lead into a nine-volt battery or into a high-voltage industrial line, it won’t conduct electricity. No matter how well an unbeliever is trained, he will not love.

Similarly, gold is conductive. It will conduct whether plugged into a nine-volt battery or a high-voltage industrial line. Christians will love! Whether the image of God in humanity evokes their compassion or God himself, their essential properties demand that they conduct love. They will love when they have the opportunity.

Granted, in this life we are impure gold. Thus, God works, “our gold to refine, and our dross to consume.” As He purifies us we conduct Love better and better, always imperfectly until we stand before Him and are “purified even as He is pure.” And because believers see God’s power flowing through them to live like Jesus, they know that no one but our Almighty God could have worked such a miracle! No one else could have transmuted lead into gold!

Where alchemy failed, our Almighty Chemist has succeeded with ease, not with base metals like lead and gold… but with the eternal souls of His creation. We have confidence in this transmutation as we walk as He did and observe our conductivity!


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