Posted by: Moses | August 3, 2008


molly sonnet ii
kindness…bent toward usefulness, to purposefully make oneself useful to another

My heart longs to serve you as a servant His lady.
But so often you chafe under such affection, dawdling,
Never wanting to command me, subjected in willing slavery,
In vain I coax your desires, leaving you still desiring.
My Father blazes sovereign humility, and slowly I glean:
A man does not love a woman as servile fixture to her side,
But as a king rules and serves his queen, as The King His Queen.
The King commands, but bent on the best for His Bride.
Out of my high estate I must give myself, boldly love, and contend
On your behalf to give the world. To bravely guard your best,
To even lift our banner-we happy few-and storm toward our End.
Though longing to serve, by emulative design I must lead our quest.
Such an unwilling ruler, and thus such an unwilling, impeding
Lover, when my greatest service consists in loving leading.


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