Posted by: Moses | August 31, 2008

Leadership on the Block

I have recently encountered a philosophy that I will never adopt: “You will always be under authorities that you disagree with, so learn to live with it.” Though in some senses this statement holds true in a fallen world, the spirit of resignation that it carries affronts my idealistic mind. Could the Lord place me under authorities that I disagree with my whole life? Most definitely. Could the Lord use me as an agent of change and an initiating force toward renewal? Most definitely, and the Lord seems to delight in such redemption.

To have to choose between redeeming something that is flawed and being content with how it stands is a false dichotomy. Contentment consists in a realization that God is in control of any situation and will work that situation for His glory and my sanctification for His glory. Our hearts respond that therefore a situation is good. We become content, even though the situation seems obnoxious to our fleshly passions.

Redemptive passions for a fallen world should pervade our lives as followers of Christ, passions that decry our current fallen state and long to see all of creation submit to Christ its master. We should long to see God’s kingdom expand on earth in any way that He graces us to work for His glory. I firmly believe that I can be content at Bob Jones (or any other authority that wields its power poorly) while still having the Spirit lead my heart to react against its injustices and long for a day when we will submit to perfect leadership. Even leadership must strive to conform to Christ’s likeness, and one of my dearest dreams is to one day become an encouraging instrument of God for such change.


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