Posted by: molly | October 3, 2008

The Nature of Sandwich-eating Worship

This summer I found myself sitting alone in the woods and as I sat down on a log that day to eat my lunch feeling physically tired and emotionally drained. Perhaps out of the highly ingrained habits from my childhood I bowed my head over my peanut butter sandwich to “say grace.” Sensing I was alone, I decided to pray out loud for my food. But that day I didn’t just pray for my food. I talked to my Father about my exhaustion. I told my struggles in a very real way. I saw God displaying His glory that day as the sunbeams in the distance danced between the trees. I was overcome by His greatness. Of His awe-inspiring glory. I wanted to worship Him. But I was sitting alone in the woods. I tried to sing but my voice hurt and I couldn’t think of the words to any songs. I wanted to express my honor to Him with words of adoration but none came. So I sat for a moment, overcome with a desire to worship God but not knowing how. Then I looked down at my well-blessed lunch and in an act of worship I ate my sandwich, basking in the glory of my Savior and lifting my heart in worship to Him.

This is the nature of sandwich-eating worship. Worship is not simply singing with people at your church on Sundays (though this is a form of worship). Worship is so much more. According to the Oxford American Dictionary, worship is “the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.” So many Christians, myself included, try to create a separate category of actions that are “expressions of reverence.” Yet, throughout all of our different relationships, we hardly can say one set of actions convey our love or concern for others. A man does not only show his wife of his love by saying “I love you” once a day and remembering their anniversary. He can (if his motive is pure) show her his love by going to work daily to provide for her needs. He can show his love by putting his dishes in the dishwasher for her even if she never realizes. He can show her his love in a myriad of way not directly related to pedantic “expression of love.” In much the same way, we as the children of God can express our reverence for Him though our lives. Nothing is to be left outside the realm of worship other than sin, as long as the action is dedicated to expressing to God His worth.

This realization can have a profound impact of the lives of believers. There is no longer a division between the sacred and the secular. All of life is worship. All of life is God’s. Every mundane task so often forgotten becomes a “channel of adoration.” It is then we can extol His glory in our acts of sandwich-eating worship.



  1. I love the simplicity and relatability of this. Yes I made up that word, but I can do that. =) What a beautiful picture of the meshing of sacred and secular.

    I can’t say enough good. Thank you for this. It is beautifully encouraging.

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