Posted by: Moses | November 7, 2009

Do Not Go Beyond What Is Written

Paul begins his first epistle to Corinth by levying the light of the Word against the divisiveness of the Corinthian church. He teaches them about the supernatural power of the gospel and how God uses different people to bring about the growth of his church (3). He then gives them a core exhortation concerning the extent of their teaching: “do not go beyond what is written”(1 Corinthians 4:5-7). Paul exhorts the Corinthians to not go beyond the truths of God’s word, dividing over the thoughts of Apollos as opposed to Cephas. This teaching should be instructive for how we relate to other denominations and true believers who disagree with us. If there is a true heart to submit to Scripture and to live out the gospel, then there can be great unity around those central elements of Christianity, even if other large items like baptism or the Lord’s Supper may be differed upon. Furthermore, this exhortation should sink home for every preacher as a plea to preach the thrust of God’s word, not use God’s word to support what a preacher may want to say.


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