Posted by: Moses | March 24, 2010

Living Bones

They waited, ocean’s shore beside,
Splashed sea water speckling robes.
People teamed around, trampling
The waves’ border lusting for Canaan.

The last of Joseph lay enshrined, honored,
By shoulders held aloft, above
The pressing crowd. Deliverer, in hope
Requested passage out from Egypt’s dirt.

Shown sea and horde, their pulses raced.
With death before, fast death approaching, dead
Already, unbelieving, works and leeks
May promise better fare than ill-met rest.

The faithful bones, aloft and soaked,
Await their promised land and rest.
His place by solemn oaths secured,
At rest he marched through watery walls.

The deadly baptism began; The Man
Of War struck down the serpent’s host.
While drenched with doubt, most walked through dead,
And one dead man passed through to live.


  1. Nice. I like it. When did you write it?

  2. Yesterday…brand new, first in a while.

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