Posted by: Moses | April 9, 2010

Wondering at humanity…

I was shocked today to overhear some girls mocking a little Buddhist girl at our daycare. They came and asked me to explain to them what a Buddhist was; I started to, and then put it all together as to why they wanted to know. I looked back at them and asked, “Why don’t you ask her? She would know a lot better than I would.” They replied that she wouldn’t tell them. Go figure after the ribbing I had overheard. Why give her tormentors more ammo to make fun or her with? How could she explain a pursuit of peace in meditation without them laughing in her face that she could be so stupid!

I was shocked, yet as I thought more I realized that I should not be. Humanity is enslaved to rebel. Rebellion is our default mode. We can do nothing else apart from God.

Sadly, in our Christianized southern culture, that means that thousands of children who profess the name of Christ, constantly rub depraved shoulders with the depraved minority of those who happen to have been raised in a false religious system. All are bound under sin, and a precious few children of this age seem like they could possibly be regenerate. Yet how much damage could these “covenant children” do to these young unbelievers, leaving a taste of merciless chastisement in their mouths because they viewed the world differently? There would be no remembrance of a savior’s love or the true offense of the cross.

Perhaps, children should not be trained to think of themselves as Christians so early on, both for their sakes and for the sake of those they may come in contact with. I can think of little more dangerous than convincing an unregenerate child that they represent Christ, assured of eternal life based on a cheap profession of basic beliefs. Perhaps there is belief, but there is no repentance or change in behavior, and definitely no true belonging to the people of God who love their enemies to death at the cross.

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