Posted by: Moses | May 18, 2010

A Strange Phenomenon

As soon as an exam is over, I feel a strange weight lift from my shoulders. That in itself would not be strange if the exam were completed well. However, I find it intriguing that this phenomenon seems universal (given my massive poling constituency of Molly and myself). One might think that if I felt I did well on an exam, the weight would lift, but if I felt I had done poorly than the weight would descend even more oppressively than before. In reality though, regardless of whether I feel that I did well or poorly on an exam, I feel better after it’s done.

I think that perhaps there is a bit of a forced recognition and rest in sovereignty after an exam. Once the ink has dried, the t’s have been crossed, and the paper returned, the situation is completely out of our hands. Oddly though, this is often the case. Our decisions and creations are almost always out of our hands as soon as they are made. We just don’t normally realize this truth as plainly as when we submit what will become the indelible marks of our academic records. Perhaps there is something to be learned about the irrevocable effects of all our decisions. How silly must we seem from God’s perspective once a decision has been made and we still agonize over the outcome as if we had some control over it, to force it in our favor by mere force of fret. Once a decision is made or a plan is set in motion, perhaps we can fight to rest in the sovereign mercy of God as He works out His eternal plan. The decision has been made; the exam has been handed in. A or F, the rest will be history. Rest in the mercies of God.


  1. Awesome. This makes so much sense… I can’t believe I’ve never thought of it before. Very well said!

  2. I concur with the exact feelings. This is why I have not yet bothered to look up my last semester grades of my college career. And why I am “paturbed” when I am asked “How did your exams go” shortly after completing them. I am always tempted to remark, “Ask the Big Guy.”

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