Posted by: Moses | May 20, 2010

Your Facebook’s Privacy Settings and Literary Genres

Genre is very important in understanding Biblical literature. For instance, reading the symbolism in Daniel and Ezekiel as if it were a narrative like Exodus could lead to all sorts of odd interpretations. Read, “bad things and heresy” for “odd interpretations.”

I think something similar must have happened with Mark Zuckerberg last year. Suppose that someone were to read Orwell’s book 1984, not as a dystopia, but as a self-help book for one’s social networking site. Again, odd interpretations could result. Read “standard privacy settings that would make Big Brother proud” for “odd interpretations.”  Let’s say you were to want to escape the system and find your own little spot where the television cannot see you. The road out is difficult, fraught with sub-menus and hidden drop down menus. Many have tried, many have fallen, and many have deactivated their Facebook accounts in sheer frustration. There is hope!

So you want your privacy settings like they were before Zuckerberg’s 1984 experience (i.e. where your friends can see your contact info and personal information but not the rest of the world): click here, drag the “SaveFace by Untangle” book mark to your toolbar, go login to Facebook, and click the bookmark. Your privacy settings will be reset, and you won’t even end up insidiously tortured and  vaguely remembering your former lover at a sea-side resort. The book wasn’t even that good Mark.


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