Posted by: Moses | June 21, 2010

Love and Death

A dark time once explained love with violence,
The prick of two impish arrows sent couples sprawling
Into lust against their wills. Reason has long since felled fantasy.
Yet there is truth in every myth, but some reason forever fails understanding.
Love is not reasonable, at least not in our age’s narcissistic conception of gain.
Determined, we fight myopically for fleeting joys with no reasonable end game.
Such reasoned love alters when it finds grounds. Looking on tempests, she flees.
When she is slashed, she clings to rights, mocking the Bard’s ever-fixed mark.
For the more lovers look, the more grounds lovers find to not pursue;
Yet love persists not apart from faith. For all around us loves slay.

Sacrificed on the altar of rationalistic self-interest, Love is Lust,
Altered beyond any semblance of true love, corrupted.
A knife is drawn high above resplendent Love,
Aloft in the trembling hands of Self.
My hands plunge the knife to smite
My antagonist. I bury it to the hilt in darkness.
My eyes watch love writhe there on the altar, twisted,
Sacrificed on the altar of rationalistic self-interest. Love is dead.

Yet love remains past faith. For as all poets testify, love cannot die;
For the more Love suffers loss, the more her beauty blazes through pursuit.
When she is slain she ever dies willingly, pardoning hellish murder by this gift;
Such heavenly reason draws her to live again. I stand ready to strike, unchanged.
Determined to reason my way to joy, forgetting reason and my Source of truest joys,
Love is unreasonable to many eyes. She rises, only to be slain. My arm flashes down.
Yet there is truth in every myth; an arrow arrests my reasoned blow before it falls;
The truth pierces my heart as I understood that Love fells her enemy as well.
Slain by love against my will, I must die to truly love. Pierced by
The prick of eternal rationality, learning to die to live,
A dark time where even love must be violent.

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