Posted by: Moses | August 15, 2010

Ancient Enemies

Who knew that the animosity ran so deep? Writing in the late 300s AD, Augustine used the following as a sermon illustration for heretics who snap back at the church: “What has the postman done to the dog? Yet it barks at him. Those who yap blindly, without any idea what at or what for, they are the dogs.” Long before a postman ever sprayed an innocent puppy with mace the battle has raged. Augustine then makes an obscure allusion to a mistranslation of Proverbs about preserving “‘my lowliness from the horns of the unicorns,’ my humble life from the proud” (Sermon on Psalm 18). Gotta love Augustine, possibly the most miserable of exegetes with a simple faith in a mystical meaning and yet by God’s grace one of the most marvelous and God-exalting of theologians.


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