Posted by: Moses | August 16, 2010


One of my favorite aspects of Grace Bible is the passion for godly parenting. Grace saturated corrections are common place, biblical instruction and redirection to God’s perspective seems second nature, and the kids get it. You ask Bash why he should obey his parents, he replies, “Because God says so.” Piper responds to the question, “How should we do all things?” with the reply “Without grumbling or complaining.” To the question “Why did you have to stop playing the Wii?” Silas (slightly sulkily) replied, “Because I wasn’t loving my brother.”

I want to learn and grow to love children like this. So often with my own children at work, I easily grow frustrated with them, and my sinful heart is more concerned at relieving my own annoyance than teaching them the truth about God or even about justice to them. Sometimes children annoy me, and I solve that annoyance by disciplining them for my good rather than theirs! Jesus was not annoyed by children. He loved them; he held them; he blessed them as the disciples stood a ways off sulkily indignant that their master’s time was being wasted. They were annoyed. Jesus taught and showed concerned for the most worthless in the eyes of his culture, the children who had earned no respect and no status yet. They could do nothing for Jesus in return. They were nothing, and yet Jesus loved them as he loved all the marginalized and needy of his day. May the Lord break my heart to love rather than react. May we behold Jesus as He is and be transformed into lovers without favoritism based upon our preferences or what people can do for us.


  1. I’m very thankful for my time there watching the families raise their children. It was very helpful. Thanks for the post.

  2. Good thoughts . . . Biblical thoughts. I hope to remember this when I have my little girl. Maybe you can help remind me 🙂

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