Posted by: Moses | March 13, 2011

Lamentations: Understanding What We Deserve

Understanding What We Deserve. Click the link to hear the sermon.

This is the introductory message of a six part series I’m preaching through Lamentations. All criticism is constructive; please share your thoughts if you have any.

Lamentations 1: Last night we talked about grief and how Jeremiah models for us an earthy, but humble display of taking real pain to God. For the first seventeen verses Jeremiah pours out his heart to God telling him everything that has fallen apart in his life, all the distress that has befallen him and his precious Jerusalem. Finally, in verse 18, Jeremiah catches ahold of truth in the Word and says, “The LORD is in the right, for I have rebelled against his word.” Jeremiah works through his grief, laying it out boldly before a God who understands and is not absent in the most difficult of sorrows. Finally, Jeremiah goes boldly before God (the same God He has just expressed is the cause of all His grief) in abject dependence, knowing that He has nowhere else to turn for justice. He has no one to turn to in his grief but God. We drove this point home into the cross: in order to respond to grief appropriately as believers, we have to recognize that we deserve no better. God is not unjust to teach us through trials. As sinners we deserve far worse in Hell, and from that humble posture we have a refuge in our Savior. We know that God is at work to teach us as His sons not punish us in His anger.

Series Overview: In light of the emotionally jarring events of the last couple weeks, I think that there could be no better time for us to draw the teens toward grieving in a godly fashion. Rather than ignoring what has happened and the loss that they have suffered in Keith’s resignation, we are diving into the book of Lamentations. We will spend approximately 7 weeks here working through each chapter as a whole and what these poems teach us about God and our responses to sorrows that He brings into our lives for our good and His glory.

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