Posted by: Moses | March 28, 2011

Lamentations: Seeing With Our Ears

Sermon 3 of 6. Seeing with Our Ears

Last night we dove into Lamentations 3, the heart of Jeremiah’s prayers. This chapter is longer than the others and deals largely with how we fight to worship God through the darkest of times. Last week we learned that when we sit in darkness we should make God look great by waiting on Him. When we wait on Him as the only solution to our problems we display his worth to us, that no one else will do.

Last week several of the kids left asking, “But what do I do?” Do I just sit like a bum and wait for God to do something? No. We can wait foolishly or we can wait wisely. Waiting wisely involves adopting a waiting posture, recognizing that only God can ultimately solve the problems of our hearts. However, while kneeling in dependence, we surround ourselves with the truth of the Word of God: we preach the Gospel to ourselves while we wait. When darkness overtakes us, when we cannot see God’s goodness, when we’re tempted to think that God has left us, we must learn to see with our ears.

In the physical darkness you can’t see anything, and you have to rely on other senses. When we sit in the spiritual darkness of grief, we often can’t see God clearly. We have to rely on other senses, ears trained to cling to the word of God. Ears that hang on God’s word help us to see him rightly even in the dark. God’s word is a precious gift, an ever present light in our darkness.

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