Posted by: molly | December 3, 2012

Creation: God’s Perfect World Created

In the beginning there was nothing.  There was no earth, no sun, no moon.  There wasn’t even light or darkness.  There was only nothing.  Over this nothingness was God.  He had always been there since he has no beginning and no end–only foreverness.  While God was over this nothingness he began to speak.  He called out light and darkness.  He sang a beautiful song and there was a moon and an earth.  He hung stars in the sky and scattered the world with plants and birds.  He filled the sea with fish and the earth with animals of all different kinds.  At the end he made something (or rather someone) very special.  God made Adam unlike anything else.  Adam was made in God’s likeness, like a mirror reflecting a part of God.  God looked at all that he created and declared it good.  He created a perfect world.  Content with his work, he rested the seventh day of the week as he watched this perfect world.




  1. Beautiful, Molly. God’s ways are perfect. Our hope is in Christ who is shaping us into his image. Someday there will be a perfect world again. Your words remind me what a beautiful world with the Lord we have to look forward spiritually and physically.

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