Posted by: molly | December 4, 2012

Adam and Eve: The Promise of Messiah

God’s world was perfect but he decided that Adam was lonely.  There was nothing else quite like Adam and he needed someone to complete him.  So God created him a wonderful gift:  Eve, the mother of all living. 

Things were going well.  They lived in a beautiful garden with animals that never hurt them and fruit that was never to high for them to reach.  Nothing ever died or got hurt or sick.  Everything was perfect.  God gave them just one rule so they could obey God.  They could eat anything they wanted except the fruit of a single tree.  If they ate of this tree they would die.

One day as Eve gather fruit in the garden an evil serpent came to her.  He lied to Eve, promising that she would not die if she ate the forbidden fruit.  Eve believed this lie and she and Adam ate.  That night when God came to speak to Adam and Eve they felt ashamed.  They had never realized before that they were naked.

God knew what they had done and his heart broke.  He knew that his children had already died.  They were still breathing but their hearts were dead because they had learned to sin and now they could not stop their sinning.  But God still loved them.  Their sin had brought a curse:  disease and pain and death.  But God gave them a promise.  One day he would send a Son would fix everything–someone who could stop death and save us all.Image



  1. Our hope!! What compassion and love God has for sinners and a heart of forgiveness. We are to be like HIm….full of compassion, forgiveness, and love. What a loving God and what love he fills us with for others.

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