Posted by: molly | December 5, 2012

Cain and Abel: The Way of the Serpent and the Way of God

Since God’s garden was perfect and Adam and Eve were now cursed with sin they had to leave their perfect home with only a promise that one day a Son would come to fix their brokeness.

Now that they left the garden Adam had to work hard to make plants grow in order to eat.  When God blessed them with a son he was not simply created like Adam and Eve.  He was born as a baby who should have brought  joy but now brought pain as well.  Adam and Eve named the baby Cain, thinking that he would fulfill God’s promise to fix the world.  But Cain didn’t follow the ways of God–he followed the way of the evil serpent who had lied to Eve and had led Adam and Eve to die.  In time, Eve had another son named Abel.  Abel followed the ways of God.

One time Cain and Abel decided to give a gift to God.  Cain did not listen to God, who told him that his gift to God should be a lamb to remind Cain of God’s promise.  Cain didn’t care what God wanted so he brought him plants instead.  God knew that Cain did not care about following His ways so God did not accept Cain’s sacrifice.  After Cain was done Abel came and followed God’s way, giving a lamb as a picture of the God’s promise.  God saw Abel’s heart and accepted Abel’s sacrifice.

This made Cain angry.  In fact, Cain became so angry that he killed his brother Abel.  This was a terrible act–something like what the evil serpent would do.  Because Cain followed the way of the serpent instead of the way of God, Cain was sent away from God’s followers.  Cain’s children followed in this evil way.

Adam and Eve were very sad.  Abel was dead and they now knew that Cain would not save them.  At this time God gave Adam and Eve another son whom the named Seth.  Seth would not save them but God’s promise was still true because one day one of Seth’s children’s children’s children many years later would come as the promised Son to fix the brokeness.ImageImage


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