Posted by: molly | January 15, 2013

Perez: The Unexpected Son

Judah had several sons. His oldest son, Er, married a woman named Tamar. However, Er was wicked so God killed him. In ancient Israel, if a man died with no children, his brother was to marry the dead man’s wife and have children for him. Because of this, Tamar married Er’s brother Onan. Onan was a wicked man too though and he died as well. Judah had one more son, Shelah. However, Judah was afraid Shelah would die as well so he told Tamar to wait until Shelah was older before he married Tamar. However, Judah was not planning to keep his promise. Tamar knew this and knew that Judah was supposed to provide her with a child. As a result, when Judah was traveling she dressed up and made his believe she was someone else. He promised he would send her an animal if she would spend the night with him. He gave her his ring, his staff, and a cord as a promise that he would send the animal. However, Tamar disappeared before he could give her the animal. Soon he found out that Tamar was pregnant and he was very angry until Tamar showed him the ring, the cord, and the staff that Judah had given her. Tamar had made Judah do what he was supposed to do in giving her children. In time Tamar did not just have one but twin sons. One of the sons, Perez, was to be one of the ancestors of the promised Son. Judah had tried to do things differently than God’s way but God still keeps his promises, even when we try to stop him.

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