Posted by: molly | January 28, 2013

Jesse: The Father of the King

Jesse:  The Father of the King

In time, the people of Israel demanded that God gave them a king. They choose Saul, a tall, handsome man, to be the king over all of Israel. However, Saul did not follow the way of God. So God sent the prophet Samuel to anoint the next king. He went to the house of Jesse and told him that one of his sons would be the new king. He brought his sons and lined them up for Samuel. Each son seemed strong or wise but God did not choose any of them. Finally Samuel asked Jesse if he had any more sons. The only son he still had was the youngest who worked as a shepherd. Even though he was young and unlikely, God had chosen this son, David, to be the next king. David would be a great king but an even better king was coming out of the branch of Jesse.


  1. How encouraging that God chooses the unlikely and grows them to be the men and women He wants them to be. What a great Potter we have! There is hope for all including the least of us.

  2. I love that you wrote these out! You inspire me friend 🙂

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